Saturday, December 13, 2014

Piazza Duomo's Christmas Tree - 2014

One of my favourite things about Christmas in Milan is the massive Christmas tree that's put up in Piazza Duomo every year. On a shopping trip to pick up some last bits and pieces I had time to properly admire it this morning.

The obligatory Christmas-tree-and-Duomo photo. You can't not do a photo of the Christmas-tree-and-Duomo combination.

This year the tree's sponsored by Motta, which is reflected in the blue and yellow baubles. I liked this sign at the bottom of the tree, it's a play on the phrase buone feste, which is Italian for 'happy holidays', but feste has been replaced by fette which means 'slices'. Happy slices of panettone to all!

And here it is in all its lit-up glory at night!

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creepo said...

It does look more beatiful at night