Monday, December 8, 2014

Tea capsules

Coffee in casa Nerys is made by my beloved Nespresso machine that's been living in my kitchen for the past two years. I've noticed recently that a lot of compatible capsules have been popping up, and not all of them are just your normal coffee. Oh no. My latest addition to my capsule stash is tea. Yes, tea from a coffee machine. I know, I have betrayed my roots.

So these are the capsules I bought. Thè in foglia - foglia means leaf. The blurb at the bottom states which machines they're compatible with. Caffè Vergnano also make a lovely coffee, I'm a big fan of their Cremoso capsules. But tea, as we all know, is a whole different ball game.

Inspecting the capsule closely I could indeed see the leaves, it was like a big solid teabag, with plenty of room for the leaves to move.

So I popped it into my machine and drank it Italian style - no milk!

And how was it? Very nice. It wasn't as strong as I expected, which for me is a good thing, but it probably would have been a bit too weak with milk. The machine boils the water to a lower temperature than a kettle, so it wasn't as hot as I'd normally have it. I was very impressed though, for an Italian company it was a cracking - if slightly unorthodox! - cuppa.

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Umph. :-/

Nerys said...

Umph? :) said...

Well, you asked :-) I really have a problem with capsules. They are popular in germany, too (despite the fact that there are no beer capsules, yet). But they are an unbelievable waste of ressources. Producing something from aluminum requires a LOT of energy and water (its really extreme), and after one use the capsule is waste. Recyclable waste, but since it´s aluminum, the recycling also requires lots of energy and water. Capsules are really bad for the environment - and for the purse, one kilogram of coffee in capusles costs around 70 Euro. This is why they are sold like luxury items - because they ARE pure luxus. Please don´t misunderstand me, if someone likes the coffee ore tea or whatever from capsules or enjoys the machine, I will not talk them into a guilty conscience. But for myself, I regard capsules as madness.