Friday, January 2, 2015

365 Days of Happy - Days 151 to 180

After the excitement of the new year, it's back to the old routine!

Day 151:  A Lush tea tree tab to clean my face.

Day 152: December 1st, which meant I could get started on my stash of Christmas food!

Day 153: The Christmas tree going up in Piazza Duomo.

Day 154: Delicious mini stollen

Day 154: I found 20 cents at the supermarket!

Day 156: Dinner!

Day 157: At the hairdressers.

Day 158: My Christmas tree!

Day 159: December 8th, a bank holiday, and my supermarket was open.

Day 160: Pretty Piazza Duomo at Christmas.

Day 161: At the presentation for Radio Deejay's Christmas box set.

Day 162: Mika performing on X Factor.

Day 163: A Christmas card from the Old Country.

Day 164: I love Piazza Duomo at Christmas!

Day 165: Sparkly Christmassy nails!

Day 166: A well-deserved panettone.

Day 167: Sushi

Day 168: My Christmas themed drug - cocoa dusted almonds

Day 169: My first piece of toast in a very long time!

Day 170: Another early morning visit to the radio!

Day 171: And the first brioche I'd had for a long time!

Day 172: Avoiding the crowds curled up in bed with a book.

Day 173: It finally arrived in the post!

Day 174: Packed!

Day 175:  Ready to go!

Day 176: Christmas lunch.

Day 177: At the cinema.

Day 178: Teatime.

Day 179: Aristocats!

Day 180: Comfort food for a cold evening.

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