Saturday, January 31, 2015

365 Days of Happy - Days 181 to 210

We're now over half way on our mission!

Day 181: Got me some Baileys!

Day 182: A big fat piece of delicious lasagna... Which obviously I didn't make myself.

Day 183: The first breakfast of the new year!

Day 184: A big bowl of caffèlatte after a well-deserved lie-in.

Day 185: Sales!

Day 186: The third book in Elena Ferrante's brilliant L'amica geniale series.

Day 187: A beautiful blue sky over Milan.

Day 189: My old friend.

Day 189: Curled up with a film.

Day 190: There's always something left to study.

Day 191: A decent Milanese sunset.

Day 192: Up early on the weekend.

Day 193: The fourth and last L'amica geniale book.

Day 194: Booked a trip back to the Old Country!

Day 195: Some very special chocolate!

Day 196: Much love for my Kindle.

Day 197: Cracking nuts is very therapeutic...

Day 198: I found an actual British penny in the coffee machine!

Day 199: My fancypants Kusmi tea

Day 200: The start of a lazy Sunday

Day 201: Yummy biscuits!

Day 202: Comfort food - toast and jam

Day 203 : Peach tea

Day 204 : More comfort food - a tuna & sweetcorn sandwich

Day 205 : Sun!

Day 206 : Saturday morning reading.

Day 207: Proper breakfast after a week of the flu.

Day 208: The best beer in Italy!

Day 209: My treat!

Day 210: A gorgeous bottle of red.


creepo said...

I really like your happy pictures, indeed they are happy on themselves and make me smile :)

Keep it up! Half way up

Nerys said...

Thanks :)