Saturday, January 3, 2015

I saldi

Today the saldi (sales) started in most of Italy (a couple of regions started yesterday) and this year I was prepared! I wasn't planning to go round the shops for hours and hours like some people do, partly because I don't have the patience to do that with the crowds the sales bring out, and partly because of the bitter cold of the last few days. I made a list, and got on a bus that got more and more ridiculously crowded as we reached the city centre, with about half the bus getting off at San Babila like me.

It was fairly quiet when I arrived in centro, even though many shops had opened at 9 - an hour earlier than normal. I stuck to my list - well, I did get a few extra pieces, of course... - and I was home by midday! Woman on a mission!

My best bargain this morning was a lovely warm jumper from H&M, 15 euro down from 39.99!

One thing I always wait to get in the sales is a bag from Accessorize. The one I'd bought a year ago was starting to look a bit worse for wear (my fault for carrying around about 10kg of stuff around every day) so I was looking forward to getting a new one. And this pretty thing was 50% off.

The last couple of years I've treated myself to a gift set from Lush at 50% off. The one I chose contains soap, shower gel and body creme which is especially made for temperamental sensitive skin like mine.

And after all that I'm going to relax this afternoon in my lovely new pyjamas!


Jenny P said...

Now I understand why it was so busy when we walked into the centre today. I wasn't shopping but the crowds were everywhere around 4pm. Sounds like you were well prepared. Felice anno nuovo!

Nerys said...

Oh yes! Buon anno to you too Jenny!