Saturday, February 28, 2015

365 Days of Happy - Days 211 to 240

Day 221: Shopping

Day 212: Fried chicken

Day 213: Getting pampered at the hairdressers

Day 214: Very very tasty biological hazelnut & chocolate spread

Day 215: Second breakfast!

Day 216: Some very nice chicken noodles

Day 218: More comfort food when I was feeling ill

Day 218: I woke up from a nap to find some snow!

Day 219: Curled up in bed with a book on a very cold and wet night

Day 220: More shopping - this time in Piazza Duomo's shiny new H&M

Day 221: All the way from Germany (thanks!)

Day 222: Aaaand some more shopping, on Corso Buenos Aires

Day 223: New jeans!

Day 224: Lazy homemade aperitivo

Day 225: Giovedì grasso!

Day 226: Flavoured crisps are a pretty new thing in Italy, and these are very very tasty!

Day 227: Wiiiiine

Day 228: Delicious salmon (and some more wine...)

Day 229: American week at Lidl omnomnom

Day 230: On the tram on my way to the Deejay 33 party

Day 231: Taking it easy with a great book

Day 232: Lots of love for my new cushion!

Day 233: Relaxing on a Friday night!

Day 234: Saturday night sushi

Day 235: Sunday morning listening to Laura and Rudy on Radio Deejay

Day 236: My slightly chavtastic nails survived the day

Day 237: I'd almost given up on these books arriving!

Day 238: Trying out - getting someone to do a heavy supermarket shop for me!

Day 239: Even I can make a Martini cocktail!

Day 240: Ham & pineapple pizza!!

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