Thursday, April 9, 2015

365 Days of Happy - Days 241 to 270

I'm behind on this as always, and before I start packing my bags for another weekend away here's what I've been up to for the 365 Days of Happy project!

Day 241: Prosecco time!

Day 242: Second breakfast on a Sunday.

Day 243: I was loving how light it was in the evening.

Day 244: Supper and Grey's Anatomy in bed because I can.

Day 245: Comforting pasta in brodo

Day 246: Bagels from San Marino!

Day 247: My first ever supermarket delivery.

Day 248: At the train station off to the mountains for the weekend.

Day 249: Waking up in the mountains.

Day 250: Starting on the delicious cheese I bought back from the mountains.

Day 251: Breaking out the flowery skirts!

Day 252: And the bagels were delicious!

Day 253: Colomba!

Day 254: Cheers!

Day 255: At Radio City Milano

Day 256: A relaxing Sunday evening.

Day 257: Presents to take back to my family.

Day 258: Trying out the Chinese food from the supermarket.

Day 259: Spring's on its way!

Day 260: Junk food from the supermarket eheheheh

Day 261: Eclipse watching!

Day 262: A guided tour around the amazing Bagatti Vallecchi museum

Day 263: Getting ready to go back to the motherland.

Day 264: Tamer than usual pre-flight drinkies!

Day 265: Lunch with an old friend.

Day 266: Tasty dessert at my aunt's.

Day 267: Meeting my new cousin for the first time!

Day 268: Happy birthday to me!

Day 269: A very decadent coffee!

Day 270: Chilling at the airport before my flight

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