Sunday, May 10, 2015

365 Days of Happy - Days 271 to 300

We're over 300 and I'm late as always!

Day 271: Nearly home after being stranded at Amsterdam airport...

Day 272: Trying out my pretty new espresso cup.

Day 273: Pick & mix from the Old Country.

Day 274: Getting ready to go to Trieste.

Day 275: The sea!

Day 276: Trying out Trieste's famous coffee.

Day 277: At Miramare castle.

Day 278: Coffee In Piazza Unità d'Italia.

Day 279: Cracking open a late Easter egg.

Day 280: Pretty new spring clothes.

Day 281: Luca Bianchini's Se domani farà bel tempo

Day 282: Prosecco!

Day 283: Tasty breakfast.

Day 284: Finally trying out the black tea with vanilla I bought in Trieste.

Day 285: Colourful concert tickets!

Day 286: Another bagel delivery in the office!

Day 287: Reading The Sheep Look Up.

Day 288: Getting ready for my weekend at Peschiera del Garda.

Day 289: An alternative supper...

Day 290: Morning at Lake Garda.

Day 291: The radio in my ears and a beautiful view.

Day 292: More wine!

Day 293: Omnomnom!

Day 294: And this was on offer...

Day 295: Fresh from the hairdressers!

Day 296: Shiny shoes!

Day 297: In front of the fireplace in the mountains.

Day 298: Homemade gnocchi.

Day 299: Yummy mountain cheese.

Day 300: A new jar of Rigoni di Asiago's hazelnut spread.

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