Saturday, June 6, 2015

365 Days of Happy - Days 301 to 330

Yes, as always I'm behind, but the internets don't reach hilly West Wales!

Day 301: It was wine Wednesday again!

Day 302: I was packing my flowery dresses for my trip to Rome.

Day 303: A cheeky Friday treat.

Day 304: On my way to Rome!

Day 305: A visit to Laura and Rudy at Deejay's Roman studios.

Day 306: A beautiful morning at the Vatican.

Day 307: New Converse!

Day 308: Very happy to see my stella di Natale sprouting new leaves!

Day 309: Tasty radler beer.

Day 310: Relaxing in my pyjamas with a book.

Day 311: Some very special ice cream!

Day 312: Shiny new bedsheets.

Day 313: I was reading Stephen King's fantastic The Stand.

Day 314: A brand new book that was out that day.

Day 315: A new necklace.

Day 316: And a pretty new top.

Day 317: A nice cuppa in the office.

Day 318: Lunch with friends in Florence.

Day 319: Taking part in the Deejay Ten with friends in our own way...

Day 320: A crafty Monday night beer.

Day 321: A very un-Italian supper.

Day 322: Wine Wednesday again!

Day 323: A presentation by author Luca Bianchini for his new book, Dimmi che credi al destino.

Day 324: Relaxing on a Friday night.

Day 325: Eurovision!

Day 326: Spritz o'clock during a long weekend!

Day 327: A beautiful sunny morning in Piazza Duomo.

Day 328: Very decadent salame al cioccolato!

Day 329: Pre-flight second breakfast at Linate.

Day 330: A very tasty coffee and teacake back in my hometown.

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