Saturday, June 6, 2015

Observations on a week in Wales

I've been back in a very hot Milan for a couple of days, the 30-odd degrees are quite a shock after my week back in Wales where the temperature didn't get any higher than 15 degrees! I was back for my brother's wedding, and with my aversion to all things wedding my usual blog where I recount my time back in the Old Country wouldn't have made for interesting writing or reading. However during my time there I started to make a list of differences I noted between Italy and the UK, things that before moving here didn't occur to me as maybe being a bit strange, or little things that have changed since I moved here. And here's what I put together!

How light the mornings and evenings are. It's something that didn't even cross my mind before, but I especially noticed how light it was even late in the evening. It was strange going to bed some nights with daylight outside!

All the adverts trying to get people to spend money they don't actually have. And all the adverts for those payday loan companies. And all the adverts for personal injury lawyers...

The bad weather. Actually, bad doesn't even come close. 11 degrees during the daytime in June??

The obsession with counting calories and displaying nutritional content of food, but it doesn't seem to be having any effect!

Italian food British style. A new arrival in Tesco was a piada, which is more commonly known at least in my neck of the woods as piadina.

Selfies. Selfies everywhere. And how vain the younger generations have become.

Smalles packs or portions of fatty/sugary foods. Walkers crisps in the 99p shop in my hometown have shrunk to four packs, and elsewhere they were five.

The variety of TV shows. I watched a fascinating BBC documentary about the ancient city below Rome. Even though it's an Italian city you'd never get anything like that here.

The free wifi everywhere!

Women on TV who were actually intelligent and had something useful to say, and wore appropriate clothing.

The sales assistants in shops. You might not greet them on entering the shop like you do here, but they'll quite happily chat with you at the till about anything and everything.

Politicians who seem to actually want to improve things (well, with the EU referendum that's debatable...), and not just argue with each other.

Brits walk around hotel rooms barefoot. Italians will bring flip flops or slippers. But then again, British hotels have carpet... 

Oh, and the price of coffee!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi. Interesting reading, comparing Wales to Italy. It'd be good to read a post on how you initially went over to Italy and what your impressions are, now that the novelty of living in another country has worn off. Has your impression of Italy changed? Have you learnt to appreciate some aspects of life in the U.K. you didn't initially think much of? Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?