Saturday, June 27, 2015

Word of The Week

la marmellata - jam

Don't be fooled! Marmalade is very British, the vast majority of the time in Italy marmellata refers to jam. Every so often I go through a phase of craving random foods, in the past it's been tuna, orange juice, chips... Over the last couple of weeks it's been burro (butter) and marmellata - how very British of me. When I had my allergic reaction to more (blackberries) last year, the doctor advised me not to eat more fragole (strawberries) or lamponi (raspberries), and I'm playing it extra safe - no more delicious strawberry jam. Sob. I've settled on albicocche (apricots) which is a popular flavour in Italy, if you ask to have a croissant (or brioche as it's called in my part of Italy) alla marmellata in a bar, you'll be given a croissant with apricot filling.

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