Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Adverts from Italy 6

Who remembers the episode from Friends where everyone found out that Joey had made an advert for male lipstick in Japan?

Well, Italy's a bit like that.

Recently we've had a few foreigners on adverts here. The most well-known (and most damn awful) are the Mulino Bianco ones with Antonio Banderas, some also feature his friend Rosita the chicken. Yes, he actually talks to a chicken. I wish I were joking.

There's also been Crodino, who after using a talking gorilla decided to go for Owen Wilson. Dubbed.

The latest one is for Vodafone with Bruce Willis. He speaks a few words of Italian, the beginning translates to 'Lost! There's no signal!', then he pretty much spends the rest of the time smiling and nodding.

It just makes me wonder, what next??

2 comments: said...

Of course, there's George Clooney: "Nespresso, what else?" And Dustin Hoffman for Caffe Vergnano....

Nerys said...

Ah yes, I didn't count old George as the advert isn't in Italian ;) I didn't know about Dustin Hoffman!