Saturday, July 18, 2015

The death of a good phone

My shiny new Honor 6 phone!

Around 3.30am last Saturday night I woke up to a strange light coming from my phone (unfortunately I'm a very light sleeper). It was stuck on the Samsung SIII logo that appears when the phone's switched on. In my very dazed and confused state I tried restarting it, but it just wouldn't boot up. I took the battery out and went back to sleep.

I spent the whole of Sunday trying to resurrect it.

I wouldn't have known where to start without my genius friend F who lost not only the whole of Sunday helping me to get my phone working again (grazie mille amico!). We tried everything from a simple factory reset, to installing custom ROMs, re-installing Samsung firmware, re-partitoning the phone... But to use very technical terminology, it just wasn't having it.

Sunday night I was awake until gone midnight, and as the last idea of the day didn't work out I was stuck with no alarm to wake me up at 6.45 the following morning. In my exhausted state I didn't realise I could download an alarm app on my Kindle (which is what I did the following day), and after looking for an alarm clock I bought a couple of years ago and realising that I didn't have a round battery for it, I risked sleeping without any kind of alarm. And I had a dreadful night's sleep due to waking up constantly to check what time it was. But I woke up in time.

I had no other phone I could use. I did have an old one which I found after some desperate rumagging, but because I'd had to get a micro SIM for my Samsung it wouldn't fit. So I was phoneless. I depended on my Kindle for the alarm, and also to listen to music on the way to and from work. Luckily for me, a couple of months ago an offer from Spotify arrived in my inbox, 3 months' premium for 99 cents. My Kindle's wifi only, but with some songs downloaded from Spotify I at least had something to listen to. I depended on Facebook to contact the world (much to my annoyance, as me and Facebook do not get on.), but as it's blocked at work once I left the house I was uncontactable.

I decided to wait until Amazon's much publicised Prime Day to see if they had offers on any decent phones... Which they didn't. But it was the day I'd given myself as a limit, even if there was nothing on offer I'd get my new phone, to stop me from being completely off the radar any longer. I'd done some researching, I wanted to stick to Android, but after my Galaxy's sudden death I was staying well away from anything Samsung. In the end, it was between two phones from Huawei, the P8 Lite and the Honor 6. I read as many reviews as I could, and in almost all of them the Honor 6 came out the better phone, albeit at a higher price. After a long two days waiting for it to be delivered, I made its aquaintance yesterday morning.

I'm very impressed with it, it's fast, lightweight, and has a 13MP camera as well as a 5MP selfie camera. There are custom themes you can install, and I've gone for a very colourful one. It was a difficult week without a phone, it's such a cliche but we really don't realise how much we rely on those things. It's so easy to contact people through WhatsApp, or to tell the world what we think on Twitter, to share photos, even check the weather (yes, the temperature on screen is correct!) or a bank account. Our whole lives are contained (or looking at it negatively, controlled) within something we hold in our hands. Luckily I'd backed up nearly all of my photos on my computer, so the biggest hassle for me was losing nearly all my numbers.

But my poor Galaxy S3 has passed to a better (?) life. We had a good run, you and me...

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Congrats! May it never let you down and always be a joy to use!

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