Saturday, October 3, 2015

Word of The Week

ottobre - October

This is a very typical ottobre sky for Milan, we'd been promised rain and thunderstorms (eek!) all weekend but after this morning's showers it's just been cloudy.

Autumn has arrived, and the 35+ degree days of summer already seem like a distant memory. The weather changed all of a sudden around the autumn equinox (equinoxes here are very much seen as the official start of a season, never before), and the maximum daytime temperature in Milan over the last few days has been around 18 degrees. After the unbearable heat of August I'm more than happy to start wrapping up, I don't think I've ever enjoyed autumn this month!

Oh, language geek note, the first letter of the months of the year aren't capitalised in Italian, the same goes for days of the week. 

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