Tuesday, December 15, 2015


I was at Spontini near Duomo having an early lunch on Saturday before going to the cinema when I realised - hold up, I love this pizza so much but I haven't actually blogged about it??

Spontini was founded in 1953 and is a Milanese institution. The first pizzeria was opened in Via Spontini (10 points for originality though) when the Tuscan Banti family decided to start selling pizza al trancio - pizza slices. Their version of pizza was (and still is) the pizza alta - literally 'high pizza', with a thick base - and using only a few ingredients.

Over the years seven pizzerie have opened in Milan, and even though two have opened in Japan (!), there are only three in Italy which exist outside of Spontini's city of origin. The variety of food on offer is basic, with three different types of pizza on offer - margherita, mediterranea (with anchovies and capers, and without mozzarella), and prosciutto (ham).There also three pizza & drink combinations, my go-to is il menĂ¹ tre (menu no.3) which gives me a beer to drink (can't have pizza without beer now, can we?). The prices do vary slightly from pizzeria to pizzeria though - a slice of Margherita costs around 3.50 euro a slice, with the exact price depending on the location, and my pizza & beer combo costs 6 euro in the pizzeria near Duomo.

There's no hanging around at Spontini though! At meal times there's always a long queue, and I try to go at more off-peak times when there's less of a rush. It's popular with locals of all ages (I've seen ladies of a certain age in fur coats enjoying the pizza) as well as tourists. Not all of the pizzerie have seats, the two near Duomo have high tables and you eat standing up. So it's not the place to go for a relaxing meal, but it's perfect if you want to grab something quick on the go.

So how is this pizza? It's the stuff of dreams. One of the absolute best pizzas I've ever eaten. Lots of melted mozzarella, delicious tomato sauce, a thick base which never dry, and is crispy at the bottom. Simple but oh so delicious. Just thinking about it now's making my mouth water!

The Milanese pizzerie are in:
Via Gaspare Spontini, near Corso Buenos Aires (M1/M2 Loreto, M1 Lima)
Via Santa Radegonda, near Duomo (M1/M3)
Via Dogana, also near Duomo
Viale Papiniano (M2 S, Agostino)
Via Marghera (M1 Wagner)
Via Cenisio (M5 Cenisio)
Piazza V Giornate (Tram 9,12, 23, 27. Bus 60, 73)
Piazza Duca d'Aosta (M2/M3 Centrale)

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