Tuesday, January 5, 2016

I saldi - again!

Buon anno a tutti!

Time's running out for Christmas, and a day before it all comes to a close with l'Epifania the sales have started in most of Italy. Yes, on a Tuesday.

I love hitting the first day of sales in Milan, even though it wears me out. I was hoping with the mid-week start that there would be less of a crowd - yes, Christmas isn't over yet, but a lot of the Milanese leave the city for Christmas and New Year's. But was I wrong!

It was looking good when I got off the bus at San Babila. My first stop was H&M's flagship Piazza Duomo store, which meant a walk down Corso Vittorio Emanuele. I don't do all the expensive shops that there are here, not even when the sales are on. I stick to high-street shops, and I had a clear plan. Walking down the street some stores had a small crowd of people outside waiting for them to open at 10, but there weren't many people just walking around, or actually making their way to the shops. I got to H&M just after it opened, and it was all quite calm until I came out of the changing rooms - all of a sudden a massive queue had appeared out of nowhere!

After that it was a walk down though Piazza Duomo and past the tree still lit up and shining, and down to Lush in Via Dante. Lush in the sales is even more amazing than it normally is, with gift sets at half price! I treat myself to one every January, it feels a bit like a Befana present from me to me!

I was also very keen to check out Kiko's sale. I think of Kiko as the equivalent of a sweet shop for women, there are so many pretty shiny colours everywhere. I buy so much from there! Unfortunately the eyeliner I wanted wasn't on sale, but I did get a nail varnish and a CC cream that I'm hoping will help my poor skin.

My favourite purchase of the morning was my gorgeous bag from Accessorize, a pretty little navy and cream satchel-type which I fell in love with on first sight! I also got a set of earrings, and a necklace with a four leaf-clover necklace because I need all the luck I can get recently! And I felt the benefit of having such a rare inital for a woman, as I got a sparkly N keyring for half price.

I ran around everywhere in about two hours, I don't mess about! It may only have been two hours, but I'll be having a long lie down this afternoon!

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I Say Oui said...

A friend gave me two bottles of Kiko nail polish for Christmas. Quite exciting.

The purse and necklace sound nice.